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Club Rules & By-Laws

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1. Wildlife has right of passage
2. Be mindful of fishing lines
3. Fasties, right side of pier only
4. Left side of pier is no wake
5. Rescues, please no fast boats on the water.
6. Sail has right of way w/ exception. 
7. You own responsibility for your boat and your actions.
8. No liability will be charged against anyone affiliated with SoCoBoaters.

In detail.
1. Deliberate harassment of the wildlife with a model or other means is forbidden and likely illegal under Park and Recreation rules, the Municipal Code, and state and federal statutes as well.

2. Be mindful of possible fishing lines that may be out in the water and give them priority. We share the lake.

3. To prevent boat collisions, when fast boats are out, scalers and slower vessels are advised to come out. If not, linger near the docks on the left side of the pier while faster boats race to the right side of the pier. They won't be out long. Fast boats are not allowed to come into the "no wake" left side of the pier hot and shit down. Shut down near the pier and rescue boats will bring your boat in for you. Coordination to run fast boats at intervals and in groups is optimum. 

4. Left side of the pier is considered a "no wake" zone. Please obey the no wake rule in this area to prevent wash out of the docking area and marina.

5. Rescues are difficult in themselves let alone having maneuver through wakes or other boats passing by and possibly disengaging the tow. Please do not operate any boats around a rescue in progress. Thank you.

6. Sail boats have right of way.
Exceptions:  If fast boats are coming out, sailing boats in the lanes of speed boats must return and clear the water and are advised to come in. Sail boat must yield to rescue boats in the act of performing a rescue. 
7. Everyone attending is responsible for their own boat(s), their property, their actions and required to operate their watercraft in a safe and responsible manner while being mindful of the other boats in the water and around the staging areas. 

8. Anyone affiliated with SoCoBoaters (or other description names meaning the same) are not to be held liable and released from any liability for any past, present, or future incidents or problems that arise from participating or not participating at any gatherings supported or hosted by Sonoma County Boaters. Participation is strictly voluntary and there is no membership. You are also being advised to carry your own insurance. North American Model Boat Association (NAMBA.com) offers such insurance at daily and annual rates. We are district 9. Check their website for details on how to obtain insurance. 

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